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About Grim Fandango 2

Grim Fandango 2 is all about gamers, video gaming, and the music associated with video games. Throughout this blog, you will find in-depth posts highlighting various topics related to gaming.

We are firm believers that the video game industry is thriving way more now than ever before. But there is so much more that’s going to happen in the future. If you think about how technology development is changing rapidly every year, imagine how video game development is going to be like in the years to follow.

Contrary to society’s beliefs and norms, video games are a form of art. You will find a post on the site that goes into more detail about video gaming as an art form. Below are just a few elements to support this statement.


Now that we’ve piqued your interest, here’s a brief breakdown of what content you can expect to see from us.

Player immersion – we explore what this is and how it impacts gameplay today.

Cognitive benefits of video gaming – we elaborate on these benefits.

Stereotypes of gamers – we highlight the stereotypes and break them down.

Video games – we take a look back at the history of gaming.

Video games as an art form – why it is art and how it’s made into art.

Video game popularity – we look at the most popular video games of 2018.

We are passionate about gaming and what it has to offer people all around the world. There are as many people out there that can’t comprehend why people love gaming as there are gamers.

The gist of the love for video games is quite simple. A video game takes you into a different world just like reading a Harry Potter book does. You may not be swooshing around on a broomstick but there are games out there that can make that possible for you if need be.

Playing good video games and succeeding at it gives one a huge sense of accomplishment. For example, imagine playing Gears of War on the most difficult level and winning! That’s the kind of stuff we’re talking about here.

Let’s not disregard the fact that any type of gamer, casual or hardcore, will tell you that gaming is a wonderful escape. Yes, it is a wonderful escape. In gameplay, you can be whoever you want to be. You can be as powerful as you wish to be. You can be ideally who you are but cooler. The only difference is that you’re in a different realm or era with way cooler stuff to do. You can forget about your 9-5 job for a bit and fight off pirates to get your hands on that treasure box.

Embrace the world of video games for what it is. Fascinating, fun, creative, challenging, and wonderful!