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The Top 5 Bestselling Video Games of 2018

A study, published in the Psychological Science journal, was conducted in the United Kingdom, to find out why people love playing video games. The findings were interesting as results revealed that these individuals enjoyed the gameplay as it made them feel good about themselves.

Listed below, we reveal the most popular video games that will either be released or have already been released in 2018:


Red Dead Redemption 2

It is classified in the action-adventure genre and the game is part of the Red Dead series. Red Dead Redemption 2, developed by Rockstar Studios, will be released by Rockstar Games in October. The gaming platforms available for this game are the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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God of War

This game falls under the third-person action-adventure genre. It was developed by the SIE Santa Monica Studio and released in April this year. God of War is the eighth chapter of the God of War series and the sequel of God of War III.

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Far Cry 5

The genre of Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure first-person shooter game. The game was released by Ubisoft for the gaming platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. In the history of the Far Cry series, it was the quickest selling game raking in over 30 million dollars in the first week after its release.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Based on the Dragon Ball franchise series, this game was released in January this year. Sitting in the fighting genre, it is a single-player and multiplayer game. The gaming platforms for Dragon Ball FighterZ include the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. Critics of the game said it was the best fighting game developed in a very long time.

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Monster Hunter: World

Developed and released by Capcom in January this year. Classified as a single-player and multiplayer game, it was made for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It only recently became available for the Microsoft Windows platform.

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Why Video Games are a Form of Art

Art is defined in various ways according to a field, genre, or category. The worldview of art today is based on principles that define the style, taste, beauty, and expression of the art form.

Through the centuries, art was only recognized in its traditional forms such as paintings, drawings, and sculptures. However, that is no longer the case. Recently, the US National Endowment for the Arts made a public announcement stating that video games are now accepted to receive artistic funding. This means video games are officially legally identified as an art form.

How Technology Changed the World of Art

Since the 60s, computers have been used as tools to create and edit images as well as print the final product. Computer art examples can include images, sounds, websites, animation, and video games. Computers are also a great way to explore various services online or book a luxury car from

The Definition of Video Games as Art

If you think about it, the definition of an artist today is very broad. Musicians, photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers are classified as artists in today’s society. Art is about symbolizing a message or expression thereof.

Art also has a strong correlation with science. Science exists because people are always trying to find ways in which to understand and define the world in which we live in. Art is based on a similar thing.

Here’s why video games are considered as an art form:

Video games have visuals used to create a message or story. These games also generate an emotional response from gamers such as love, anger, or even wonderment. Video games create experiences and inspiration. Just like traditional art forms do. Video games are a form of post-modern art.

The Post-Modern Era that Defines Art Forms

Postmodern art today is represented by the following:

Conceptual Art

An art form where the concept or expression is more important than the artwork itself.

Intermedia Art

This is an art form that combines two genres of art to create one piece of art. For example, visual poetry.

Installation Art

Mostly seen in museums and also in the best exotic supercars in London. This can be seen in the works of curators.

In conclusion, video games are now legally a form of art. The subject is rather controversial with many experts attempting to disregard all definitions and characteristics of art as non-related to gaming.

Yet, there is you and many others, that firmly believe and accept video games for what they are. A visual and expressive art form played out with characters, themes, soundtracks, and amazing graphics. If that’s not enough to convince the world, that’s fine. Gaming is not for everyone. Although, we shall continue to travel the path of where video games allow us to travel to. To the parallel universe and realms that no other art form could ever create.

Killing the Stereotypes of Gamers

Stereotypes are a terrible thing. These can be defined as generalizations about a person or people with society having no accurate information to rely on to make a fair judgment on others. On the contrary, popular culture today is nearly almost defined by the gaming industry.

How Much Video Games Have Impacted Popular Culture

The World Video Game Hall of Fame, in New York, is proof enough that this type of digital technology is a popular and lucrative industry worth remembering in a building that is actually a museum.

Believe it or not, the video game industry rakes in millions more compared to that of blockbuster movies. For example, the phenomenal success of games like Angry Birds far outweigh the successes of popular first-person shooter games.

Let us take a closer look at the main stereotypes of gamers in society:

Gaming is Gender Specific

There are those that still believe all gamers are pasty, pale, and socially deprived males. However, statistics have recently shown that nearly 50% of gamers are female.

Only Adolescents Play Video Games

Many video games sold today have an age restriction printed on the front cover of the game. This outright disproves the stereotype. Video game retailers who do sell age-restricted games to minors can get into serious trouble.

All Gamers are Socially Awkward

Nerds or computer geeks are thought to be introverts. Yet, if this was true, then multiplayer games would not be as popular as they are in a booming multi-billion dollar industry. Gaming is as much a common ground for many just as sport and TV sitcoms are for others.

Video Games Make People Aggressive

Tabloids will jump at any given opportunity to slam the gaming industry with what and why they deem is the reason used to determine that gamers are disturbed or violent criminals. Let’s ponder on this – does playing FIFA mean you’re a professional footballer?

Gaming Means You’re Lazy

People spend hours on social media or binge watch TV sitcoms and society deems this as normal. Yet, anyone who spends the exact amount of time gaming is labeled as an insignificant individual with no life ambitions. Don’t forget there are paid gaming professionals out there who train just as hard as any sportsman or woman.

The creation of stereotypes is based on biased opinions of people who refuse to look past clichéd thinking and attitude problems. Exposing oneself to get out of the comfort zone of biased thinking will help shift the misunderstanding that not every person in this world is different. We are all unique in some way or another.

Society may dictate what is considered normal and what isn’t. However, shapes change so the square box thinking of society can be altered. A proactive step in the direction of eliminating stereotypes of any sort is to acknowledge the problem, raise awareness of the matter, and advocate for change!

The Early Historical Timeline of Video Gaming

Video games go as far back as the 1950s. If we look back in 1958, physicist William Higinbotham created the first video game called Tennis for Two. It was a basic game but was not made easily accessible for the public to play. However, video games only gained major popularity in the 1970s onwards.

In this post, we take a look at the three main video game developers that have made the greatest impact in the gaming history since the middle of the 20th century. We’re talking about Nintendo, Namco, and Atari Inc.


Established in 1889, Nintendo was originally a playing card company specializing in hanafuda cards. Nintendo eventually turned to consumer electronics and made history within the gaming industry with the development and release of the Mario Bros. series in 1983.


Founded in 1955, Namco was initially a game developer and publisher. Today, they are known for their operations in game centers and theme parks. Other than the usual game franchises released by Namco, their franchise feats include Ace Combat and Tekken.

Atari Inc.

Atari Inc. was founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1972. There were a few successful games that they developed and released. However, the video game crash in North America in 1983 saw Atari Inc. split its assets and closed their doors in 1984. The company then had a makeover that same year and is now known as Atari Games.

In the Beginning


If we fast forward to 1967, the world-famous engineer, Ralph H. Baer, created the very first video game console patent called ‘The Brown Box’. Magnavox, an electronics company launched in 1917, then took this patent and created the Magnavox Odyssey. It was released in 1972.

Atari Inc. specialized in consumer electronics and video game consoles. 1975 welcomed the release of the successful game, Atari PONG. In 1977, Atari developed and released a new home-based video game console called the Atari 2600. It was a console with joysticks and changeable cartridges.

In the same year, Nintendo released, only in Japan, the first Color TV-Game. This was a number of home-based consoles. Different versions of this console were later released.

The first company to commercially sell video games was Nutting Associates. This company, initially an arcade game manufacturer since 1965, closed down in 1976.


Namco, a Japanese arcade game company, developed and released the highly successful Pac-Man series in 1980. Due to the phenomenal success of the game, the Pac-Man series was recorded in the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008.

Nintendo then developed and released Donkey Kong in 1981. Up until 2018, various versions of the game have also been released.

In 1982, Namco released Pole Position, the most popular racing game in history.

Atari Games, formerly known as Artari Inc., made an appearance in the gaming market in 1984 with the release of Marble Madness and Paperboy.

These companies were game changers. Let the video games industry continue to thrive and flourish!

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Video Gaming

Science is an extraordinary thing. Looking at the cold hard facts that science can prove today through research and studies, there is so much more to learn every day. There is, however, a lot of theories out there that video gaming is bad for people. Some reasons for this theory include things such as:

-Wasting time

-A decrease in attention-span levels

-People becoming withdrawn

Well, that’s where science says you’re wrong. The 21st century has welcomed a brand new study based on the effects of video gaming on people who are gamers and non-gamers. Let’s take a look at what the benefits of video gaming can do for you.

Taking a Time-Out

There are those who wholeheartedly believe that video games are a way in which people waste their time. Science says quite the opposite. The time that is taken to play a video game has been proven to alleviate one’s stress levels.


Brain Stimulation Benefits

The Power of Coordination

A recent study conducted in the United States found that hand-eye coordination skills improved after a certain period of time spent playing video games. Hand-eye coordination is the control of eye movement with a hand movement.

So, if you see something that you want to pick up, your brain sends the signals to your hands that you will pick up that object that you can see. If you think about it, when you’re playing a video game, you make use of visual, hearing, and physical coordination in order to focus and play the video game properly.

Solving Problems

Games are developed by making sure that the game is challenging. This is achieved by rules and guidelines in the game to ensure fair play. With that said, gamers play according to the rules and guidelines to get to a certain result like winning the game. This means the person begins to think faster in order to solve the problem quicker.

Increasing Concentration

Today’s video games aren’t just quick five-minute games. Usually, the games are longer than thirty minutes. Once player immersion kicks in, the player continues to play until either the end of the game or a certain level is achieved. Thus, enabling improved concentration skills.

Multitasking Skills

Whether one is gaming on a computer or console, various aspects of the game require you to do certain things all at the same time. For example, while using the keys on a keyboard to perform certain tasks, one must still observe what they are doing and use the keyboard at the same time.

Despite the negative feelings people have about video gaming, there are cognitive benefits that can be a result of frequent but moderate gaming. It may not happen instantly, but improvements can be seen over a period of time. However, not all games have the same effects. There are many games available that are beneficial in other ways too like educational games that encourage fun learning.

Why Player Immersion in Gaming Works Well

Video games can be defined as display devices used on various platforms such as a computer or game consoles like the Xbox. The main aim in the creation of a video game is to lure game players into an exhilarating and worthwhile gaming experience.

The Main Types of Gaming Platforms


Most people have a personal computer in which they use to play games like Mario, Minecraft, and others. For the more serious gamers, they invest in a computer with specs based on its gaming capabilities. This ensures they can play games that have high graphics by means of a graphics card. Despite this, a gaming computer will also have a high-quality processor, at least 8GB of RAM, storage drive, good power supply, and a sufficient cooling system like fans.


The name speaks for itself. It is a portable device that enables gameplay such as Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Tetris, and others.


This type of gaming platform involves playing games made specifically for it. Most consoles come with a game controller. Examples of consoles include Nintendo, Xbox, and the PlayStation. All of which are very popular game playing devices.

Just as technology rapidly advances, so too do video games. Looking back on the first video game capabilities compared to today’s video game capabilities, the difference is huge. The games back in the day focused more on passive gameplay. Video games created today encourage active gameplay such as role-playing or virtual reality. A big factor responsible for the encouragement of active gameplay is the background music used in a game.

The Effects of Background Music

Music used in video games can also be referred to as soundtracks. It is used to improve one’s gaming experience. Despite music affecting overall gameplay, it also conveys feelings and emotions throughout the game and enhances the narrative plot of the story in the game itself.

Increasing Player Immersion through Music

Player immersion is a big key factor in the design of a video game. The design of the game is dependant on drawing a gamer into the game so much so that the player is wholly engaged within it. One result of player immersion is the feeling of satisfaction. Although, one can also lose track of time due to the amount of time spent playing the game.

However, combining gameplay with gaming sound effects increases player immersion greatly. Immersion happens when one is virtually focused on the game being played. From a game studio and developer’s perspective, this is fantastic. This guarantees sales of the video game they created and released.

With what we have outlined above about background music increasing player immersion, we are now able to further appreciate the efforts of game developers. Without their creativity and imagination, we would not have the video games we have today.

Believe it or not, simple yet fun games take a lot more planning and design to create so that we are all guaranteed the ultimate gaming experience!