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Killing the Stereotypes of Gamers

Stereotypes are a terrible thing. These can be defined as generalizations about a person or people with society having no accurate information to rely on to make a fair judgment on others. On the contrary, popular culture today is nearly almost defined by the gaming industry.

How Much Video Games Have Impacted Popular Culture

The World Video Game Hall of Fame, in New York, is proof enough that this type of digital technology is a popular and lucrative industry worth remembering in a building that is actually a museum.

Believe it or not, the video game industry rakes in millions more compared to that of blockbuster movies. For example, the phenomenal success of games like Angry Birds far outweigh the successes of popular first-person shooter games.

Let us take a closer look at the main stereotypes of gamers in society:

Gaming is Gender Specific

There are those that still believe all gamers are pasty, pale, and socially deprived males. However, statistics have recently shown that nearly 50% of gamers are female.

Only Adolescents Play Video Games

Many video games sold today have an age restriction printed on the front cover of the game. This outright disproves the stereotype. Video game retailers who do sell age-restricted games to minors can get into serious trouble.

All Gamers are Socially Awkward

Nerds or computer geeks are thought to be introverts. Yet, if this was true, then multiplayer games would not be as popular as they are in a booming multi-billion dollar industry. Gaming is as much a common ground for many just as sport and TV sitcoms are for others.

Video Games Make People Aggressive

Tabloids will jump at any given opportunity to slam the gaming industry with what and why they deem is the reason used to determine that gamers are disturbed or violent criminals. Let’s ponder on this – does playing FIFA mean you’re a professional footballer?

Gaming Means You’re Lazy

People spend hours on social media or binge watch TV sitcoms and society deems this as normal. Yet, anyone who spends the exact amount of time gaming is labeled as an insignificant individual with no life ambitions. Don’t forget there are paid gaming professionals out there who train just as hard as any sportsman or woman.

The creation of stereotypes is based on biased opinions of people who refuse to look past clichéd thinking and attitude problems. Exposing oneself to get out of the comfort zone of biased thinking will help shift the misunderstanding that not every person in this world is different. We are all unique in some way or another.

Society may dictate what is considered normal and what isn’t. However, shapes change so the square box thinking of society can be altered. A proactive step in the direction of eliminating stereotypes of any sort is to acknowledge the problem, raise awareness of the matter, and advocate for change!