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The Early Historical Timeline of Video Gaming

Video games go as far back as the 1950s. If we look back in 1958, physicist William Higinbotham created the first video game called Tennis for Two. It was a basic game but was not made easily accessible for the public to play. However, video games only gained major popularity in the 1970s onwards.

In this post, we take a look at the three main video game developers that have made the greatest impact in the gaming history since the middle of the 20th century. We’re talking about Nintendo, Namco, and Atari Inc.


Established in 1889, Nintendo was originally a playing card company specializing in hanafuda cards. Nintendo eventually turned to consumer electronics and made history within the gaming industry with the development and release of the Mario Bros. series in 1983.


Founded in 1955, Namco was initially a game developer and publisher. Today, they are known for their operations in game centers and theme parks. Other than the usual game franchises released by Namco, their franchise feats include Ace Combat and Tekken.

Atari Inc.

Atari Inc. was founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1972. There were a few successful games that they developed and released. However, the video game crash in North America in 1983 saw Atari Inc. split its assets and closed their doors in 1984. The company then had a makeover that same year and is now known as Atari Games.

In the Beginning


If we fast forward to 1967, the world-famous engineer, Ralph H. Baer, created the very first video game console patent called ‘The Brown Box’. Magnavox, an electronics company launched in 1917, then took this patent and created the Magnavox Odyssey. It was released in 1972.

Atari Inc. specialized in consumer electronics and video game consoles. 1975 welcomed the release of the successful game, Atari PONG. In 1977, Atari developed and released a new home-based video game console called the Atari 2600. It was a console with joysticks and changeable cartridges.

In the same year, Nintendo released, only in Japan, the first Color TV-Game. This was a number of home-based consoles. Different versions of this console were later released.

The first company to commercially sell video games was Nutting Associates. This company, initially an arcade game manufacturer since 1965, closed down in 1976.


Namco, a Japanese arcade game company, developed and released the highly successful Pac-Man series in 1980. Due to the phenomenal success of the game, the Pac-Man series was recorded in the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008.

Nintendo then developed and released Donkey Kong in 1981. Up until 2018, various versions of the game have also been released.

In 1982, Namco released Pole Position, the most popular racing game in history.

Atari Games, formerly known as Artari Inc., made an appearance in the gaming market in 1984 with the release of Marble Madness and Paperboy.

These companies were game changers. Let the video games industry continue to thrive and flourish!

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