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The Mental and Physical Benefits of Video Gaming

Science is an extraordinary thing. Looking at the cold hard facts that science can prove today through research and studies, there is so much more to learn every day. There is, however, a lot of theories out there that video gaming is bad for people. Some reasons for this theory include things such as:

-Wasting time

-A decrease in attention-span levels

-People becoming withdrawn

Well, that’s where science says you’re wrong. The 21st century has welcomed a brand new study based on the effects of video gaming on people who are gamers and non-gamers. Let’s take a look at what the benefits of video gaming can do for you.

Taking a Time-Out

There are those who wholeheartedly believe that video games are a way in which people waste their time. Science says quite the opposite. The time that is taken to play a video game has been proven to alleviate one’s stress levels.


Brain Stimulation Benefits

The Power of Coordination

A recent study conducted in the United States found that hand-eye coordination skills improved after a certain period of time spent playing video games. Hand-eye coordination is the control of eye movement with a hand movement.

So, if you see something that you want to pick up, your brain sends the signals to your hands that you will pick up that object that you can see. If you think about it, when you’re playing a video game, you make use of visual, hearing, and physical coordination in order to focus and play the video game properly.

Solving Problems

Games are developed by making sure that the game is challenging. This is achieved by rules and guidelines in the game to ensure fair play. With that said, gamers play according to the rules and guidelines to get to a certain result like winning the game. This means the person begins to think faster in order to solve the problem quicker.

Increasing Concentration

Today’s video games aren’t just quick five-minute games. Usually, the games are longer than thirty minutes. Once player immersion kicks in, the player continues to play until either the end of the game or a certain level is achieved. Thus, enabling improved concentration skills.

Multitasking Skills

Whether one is gaming on a computer or console, various aspects of the game require you to do certain things all at the same time. For example, while using the keys on a keyboard to perform certain tasks, one must still observe what they are doing and use the keyboard at the same time.

Despite the negative feelings people have about video gaming, there are cognitive benefits that can be a result of frequent but moderate gaming. It may not happen instantly, but improvements can be seen over a period of time. However, not all games have the same effects. There are many games available that are beneficial in other ways too like educational games that encourage fun learning.

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