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Why Video Games are a Form of Art

Art is defined in various ways according to a field, genre, or category. The worldview of art today is based on principles that define the style, taste, beauty, and expression of the art form.

Through the centuries, art was only recognized in its traditional forms such as paintings, drawings, and sculptures. However, that is no longer the case. Recently, the US National Endowment for the Arts made a public announcement stating that video games are now accepted to receive artistic funding. This means video games are officially legally identified as an art form.

How Technology Changed the World of Art

Since the 60s, computers have been used as tools to create and edit images as well as print the final product. Computer art examples can include images, sounds, websites, animation, and video games. Computers are also a great way to explore various services online or book a luxury car from

The Definition of Video Games as Art

If you think about it, the definition of an artist today is very broad. Musicians, photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers are classified as artists in today’s society. Art is about symbolizing a message or expression thereof.

Art also has a strong correlation with science. Science exists because people are always trying to find ways in which to understand and define the world in which we live in. Art is based on a similar thing.

Here’s why video games are considered as an art form:

Video games have visuals used to create a message or story. These games also generate an emotional response from gamers such as love, anger, or even wonderment. Video games create experiences and inspiration. Just like traditional art forms do. Video games are a form of post-modern art.

The Post-Modern Era that Defines Art Forms

Postmodern art today is represented by the following:

Conceptual Art

An art form where the concept or expression is more important than the artwork itself.

Intermedia Art

This is an art form that combines two genres of art to create one piece of art. For example, visual poetry.

Installation Art

Mostly seen in museums and also in the best exotic supercars in London. This can be seen in the works of curators.

In conclusion, video games are now legally a form of art. The subject is rather controversial with many experts attempting to disregard all definitions and characteristics of art as non-related to gaming.

Yet, there is you and many others, that firmly believe and accept video games for what they are. A visual and expressive art form played out with characters, themes, soundtracks, and amazing graphics. If that’s not enough to convince the world, that’s fine. Gaming is not for everyone. Although, we shall continue to travel the path of where video games allow us to travel to. To the parallel universe and realms that no other art form could ever create.

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